(Professional and Amateur)


The beautiful property here at Glen Saint Mary Nurseries and the Glen Venue is a popular location for photography. We love making it accessible for photo shoots; however, your help is needed.  

  • Sign in the registry book located at the office before each session
  • Place donation in mail slot of the office door after 4pm and on weekends
  • Do NOT use the grounds of the private home across the road from the office (south)
  • Photography is NOT ALLOWED on Linwood or Mathis House property during an event
  • Be mindful that the Linwood home is a private residence


Join with us to help preserve the tranquility of these private historic grounds and homes. Your donation contributes to ongoing grounds and maintenance costs.


Individual or Family Sessions                                      $20.00 per session

    (to include seniors, prom, children, engagement, wedding, family)


Photography groups or classes                                     $10.00 per person

Photography for those with event rental                          NO CHARGE


Please note:  No photography to be taken in the yard of private home across the road from Office (south)